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First video: Nov 4, 2016

A little bit history about this channel.

As of today, November 1, 2021, this YouTube video channel doesn’t qualify for YouTube monetizing yet because it does not meet four thousand (4,000) hours yet even though it met one thousand (1,000) subscribers for a while.  This channel has been on YouTube for a long time.  We don’t know exactly when we created the channel but at “About” page of the channel showing that it was joined on May 19, 2011.  The first video was uploaded on November 4, 2016.  When the channel started, it qualified for monetizing right away and we earned money right after uploading the video because, at that time, YouTube didn’t have thing about monetizing application stuffs.  That time, there were not many people joining and entertaining YouTube like right now.  By the time YouTube wanted all channels on YouTube must meet the requirements to qualify for monetizing, this channel was already having a huge number of hours watching in the last 365 hours but it had not met 1,000 subscribers yet.  YouTube sent us an email letting us know that we need not to apply for the monetizing by the time the channel meet the requirements.  However, this channel didn’t meet YouTube standard requirements in a year/in the time frame which was end last year, then the channel lost that speciating steps.  At that time, the channel met 1,000 subscribers but lost a huge number of hours, below 4,000 hours in 365 day, due to many reasons including family member’s health issue.  The channel still doesn’t meet the 4,000 hours yet.  That means by the time this channel met the requirements, we need to fill out the monetizing application to YouTube and wait for approving.  So, whatever advertisements you see appearing in this channel video, the earning is belong to YouTube, not to us.  That was starting this year.  We received an email from YouTube letting us know that they would update their policies including the right to earn money on all YouTube platform on…